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The Third Power Performance Difference

Third Power Performance is the leader in transforming people’s lives using the proven Life Triad system:

  • Life Balance
  • Life Map (goal setting and more)
  • Life Legacy

Through a revolutionary technology that breaks down personal and business transformation into simple repeatable steps, we will train, guide and support you on your path to be all you can be.

Does this sound familiar?

    • You feel like your work owns you, and the tasks never end…

    • You can’t sleep, or you wake up worried about the pressures of work and responsibilities…

    • The Grand Goals you set are never Achieved

    • You want to work to live, not live to work…

  • You are already SUCCESSFUL, and want to increase your success while improving all other areas of life…

If you identify with any of these, this is the right place for you! We have helped many people create massive success while creating fulfillment at the same time. Our system help you make Life Balance an integral part of your plans for the future.

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