Countdown to Liftoff

Countdown to LIFTOFF!

Countdown to Liftoff

Do you feel Burned Out?
Are you Stressed Out?
Do you have Unrealized Goals or just feel Off Target?

If you answered “YES” to any of these, then you need to join Dan Gentry for a Complimentary Workshop.

In this introduction to Dan Gentry’s acclaimed program Liftoff!
We will cover how you can reduce burnout, lower stress and begin to make your goals a reality!

March 7th, 2018  @ 6:00 PM

The Power Plant (Upstairs)
405 SE Osceola Ave
Ocala, FL 34471





Countdown to Liftoff

The Epiphany – Why I created the Life Triad

My epiphany happened many years ago in Denver Colorado. I wanted to share with you why I do what I do. How the Life Triad come to exist.



Here is the transcript:


Today, I wanna tell you why are we here? Why do I do what I do? What’s the reason that I created my Life Triad system?

I wanna take you back to around 2000, 2001. Now, this was a time when BlackBerrys were still a new thing and the 24 hour email cycle was becoming a real phenomenon. I was working in the corporate world and it was 24/7 all the time. My boss would send me an email at four in the morning. He’d get an answer back at 4:05. I’d send him one at three in the morning. I’d get an answer back at 3:02. It was just, it was crazy, it was all the time, always on that corporate pressure cooker.

Now, I was doing fairly well for myself. I was the director of internet technologies. I was an important guy and people knew who I was. I was making good money. Everything in my career was doing really really well. Now, for the rest of my life, not so much and I realized this one day when I had what I call my epiphany and I had flown out to Denver, Colorado and I wasn’t out there enough to have my own office so they set me up in another VP’s office. Little table in front of the windows. I set up my laptop and going through the three to four hundred emails that would come in overnight that were not worth waking up at four in the morning for and I’m going through and I’m like, I need some coffee.

So I go out and I get my cup of coffee and I come back in and I just stopped in the doorway because I’m on the 11th floor in downtown Denver and I don’t know how many of you have been in Denver, seen the Rocky Mountains or just do a web search for the images. They’re beautiful. But here, wall to wall, was this gorgeous panoramic snow-capped mountain, crystal clear blue sky postcard right in front of me and I hadn’t seen it. I mean, I was working on my computer. All I had to do was that (looking up) and I had missed it and it hit me. I physically felt ill because here was this gorgeous view, this picture postcard of God’s beauty on earth and I hadn’t seen it. I was so busy with my little man-made box and everything is not good that I hadn’t seen this beautiful thing that said everything is good.

So I closed my computer, I sat back and I drank that cup of coffee and I started reflecting on my life and what was I doing, why was I here and I realized that while my career was in good shape, I was making good money, my family was falling apart, my marriage was falling apart. I didn’t get any time with my kids. My physical body was going to, I mean, I used to have hair. I mean, come on, really. But all of the important parts of my life were in shambles but I was making good money. No.

So I determined at that point that I need to fix this, that I have to find a way to have balance in my life. Now, I want the success. In today’s world, you have to have that success but I also wanted to have the other parts of life. Kind of going off a phrase of Zig Ziglar, I wanted more of the stuff that money can buy and all of the stuff that money can’t buy. So that’s why I created my Life Triad system. It’s taking my experience as a software developer and my experience with systems and the way that things work and creating a way, a simple, easy to use, very replicatable system for creating life balance and creating that success that I so wanted and was so chasing. So that’s why we’re here today.

I thank you for indulging me and listening to why I’m here and I wanna leave you with this final thought. I had something occur to me the other day. I turned on the radio and it was, Cat’s in the Cradle was playing. “Cat’s in the cradle with the silver spoon” and it dawned on me that my mission with my business is to make sure that that song never comes true for the people that I help. I want you to have a fantastic life and I don’t want you to miss any of the really good parts because you’re just chasing a dollar. So thank you for listening and I will talk to you again soon. Thank you.

Countdown to Liftoff

Dan’s Thoughts – Power Rituals

What are your Power Rituals?

In today’s Dan’s Thoughts, we are discussing Power Rituals and answer the questions:

What does it take to be great?
What moves us towards or away from our goals?
In order to be extraordinary, do we have to do massive great tasks?

Find out in today’s Dan’s Thoughts about our Power Rituals!

We would love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us on Facebook!


And don’t forget to make one of your Power Rituals to Live Your Third Power Identity!

Countdown to Liftoff

Live Your Third Power Identity

What is your Third Power Identity?

Your Third Power Identity is the image you have of yourself. The one that can and will achieve all the goals you have set forward in your life mapping process.

Once you set a goal for yourself, you need to start imagining what it will be like when you achieve it. You need to see it, and feel it. See yourself as the type of person that can and will do whatever you need to do to make it happen. You need to remind yourself every day, multiple times a day about your Third Power Identity. Make it a mantra. See yourself clearly as the person you want to be, and know that you ARE THAT PERSON already.

I want you, and yes, I really mean you, to Live, Work, and Play to the Third Power!

Here is my audio clip for Third Power Identity!

Transcript of the Audio:

What is your Third Power Identity? What is it that makes you excited?

When you have your dreams and goals mapped out, and the things that you really want to accomplish in your mind. Who do you have to be in order to reach those goals, and to be the kind of person that has those dreams and accomplishes those things. That is what I call, your Third Power Identity. It’s who is the person that’s going to achieve all of those goals, and you need to be constantly thinking to yourself, and thinking of yourself, as that person, it’s your Third Power Identity.

I am the kind of person that’s going to achieve these goals. I am the kind of person that’s doing the steps that I need to do, in order to reach those goals. I’m doing what I need to do in order to have what I want, and I am the kind of person that can do those things, and I am the kind of person that will do whatever it takes to reach those goals. That is my Third Power Identity, and I want you to have that same conviction.

Find out what it is you really want out of life. Map out the steps to get there, and then know, that you are that person. That you have a Third Power Identity, that will take you through all of the difficult problems that you’re going to face, all of the difficult times, through the drudge work that’s necessary to get it done. You have an identity, your Third Power Identity, the power through all of the roadblocks that are in front of you, and you will reach your goal, that is my dream for you. That is why I do what I do, is to help you reach the heights that you can reach, because I want you to live, work and play to the third power, like the high achiever that you are. And that’s why I do what I do.

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Third Power Performance featured in CEP Partner Connections Magazine!

We are very excited to be featured in the April 2017 issue of the Ocala CEP Partner Connections Magazine!

April 2017 Issue - CEP Partner Magazine

Very excited to be featured and very happy to be working with the Ocala CEP to bring true transformation to people’s lives!

To read the whole article, here is a link to the whole magazine, our article is in the middle of the document.

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The Atomic Triad

Tesla QuoteI love patterns.  They fascinate me. During my quest for self-improvement and for creating a system to help myself (and others) to actually make real change, I found a pattern that kept cropping up.  Then one day when I was meditating, it came to me. Things come in threes. The Atomic Triad was born!

Over the last 30 years of studying self-improvement material I came across the concept of be,  do and have.  If you’ve spent any time looking at self-improvement material I’m sure that you’ll probably come across it before as well.  You must first be before you can do and you must do before you can have.  In other words, to Have the things you want, you must Do certain things, and in order to Do those things you must first Be the kind of person that can do it.  The real essence, the foundation of who you are will determine what you can do. Only when that foundation is strong, can you build the framework (the Doing) that will manifest your desires. Foundation, Framework, Manifestation.

Next, when I was working on creating life balance I asked the question what does it mean to have life balance? Well, you have to start by working on yourself, then your family & friends, and lastly on your material possessions.  In other words, you really have to have a strong foundation of self-mastery. With that in place, you can really have great relationships, the true blessings in life, with which to share the bounty of your material possessions. Foundation, Framework, Manifestation.

Hmm.. Well, let’s break down what it takes to have true self-mastery, I thought.  Well, we need to work on our Spiritual life, feed our mind, and have a healthy body.  So a solid foundation of spirit. A strong framework of ideas and intellect. And the manifestation of a strong physical nature…  Foundation, Framework, Manifestation.

The real epiphany came while sitting in church. And I’ll admit.. I was bored, and not really listening to the sermon.  This Life Triad which I now called it was filling my thoughts. Suddenly I had the thought of the three words I use here. Foundation, Framework, and Manifestation.  I realized the in Christianity you have the Holy Trinity.  God, as the Foundation, the Holy Spirit as the Framework, and the Son as the Manifestation.  God is the foundation of all faith and the basis of everything.  The Holy Spirit was the framework for bringing that foundation to us. And the Son was the literal manifestation of God in the physical world.  It all made sense.

Atomic Triad
The Atomic Triad

For everything there is a foundational piece, there is a way it gets connected together and built, and then there is the manifestation of it in one form or another.  The Atomic Triad: Foundation, Framework, and Manifestation.

The Tesla quote above I didn’t find until all of this had come together, but it ties in exactly with everything else I have seen.  Energy is the foundation of everything, the frequency is the energy moving in a framework, and the vibration is the manifestation of that frequency.  It all fits!

As you will see in our upcoming book, this pattern keeps showing up over and over again.  I am so excited to share this with you!  I hope it helps you as much as it has me.

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Free Ocala Life Balance Workshop – March 14th, 2017!

Free Live Workshop event

Do you feel we are living in Turbulent Times?

Are you working all the time?

Would you like to do more of what you want to do while maintaining your business success?

Then come join us at this amazing workshop event for some free food and great information about maintaining Life Balance during Turbulent Times!

This event hosted by Marc Stalvey of Edward Jones will allow you to hear Dan Gentry speak about how to Maintain Life Balance in a Turbulent World, and get the Edward Jones Perspective on the investing world in this turbulent time in which we find ourselves.


Upstairs Training Room
Power Plant Business Incubator
405 SE Osceola Ave
Ocala, FL 34471

Time & Date

Tuesday, March 14th @ 6:00 PM

Dinner will be served.

RSVP by Friday, March 10th

Dan Gentry, Workshop Event Speaker
Dan Gentry

Marc Stalvey, Event Host
Marc Stalvey
Event Host
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Introduction to the Life Triad

The Life TriadLife Triad With Labels

The Life Triad is a system designed by Dan Gentry that allows everything to be broken down into manageable pieces. For most people our brains work like this: one, two, three, many. Keeping more than three things in our mind at once becomes confusing and is hard to stay focused on. When it comes to self-improvement, lack of focus or confusion  leads invariably to loss of momentum, or outright failure. Our system has simplicity and clarity at its core. Over the years Dan has honed the Life Triad system into a sharp tool for personal and business use.

The Life Triad is an extension of Dan’s core concept of the Atomic Triad (upcoming post soon) applied to creating Life to the Power of Three (Life³).  Let’s break the Life Triad down into its component parts.


The Foundation of the Life triad is Life Balance. Once we can get our lives into balance, then we can really start building a life that takes us out of the daily grind, or at least makes our daily routines less “grind” and more “groove”. Without balance our lives are virtually impossible to control. We need to have a conscious and focused approach to our lives in order to achieve any level of greatness.


The Framework of the Life Triad is The Life Map. It is about planning your life and having a destination in mind.  Don’t just wander aimlessly hoping things will get better.  You have to have a plan for your life and know where you want and do not want to go.


The Manifestation of the Life Triad is Life Legacy. It is the ultimate purpose for your life. It is the real final Destination your Life Map is bringing you to.  What will you be remembered for when you are gone?  Will this world be a better place because you were here? That is the essence of your Life Legacy.