Humor. Emotion. Transformation.

Burnout is a growing problem in today’s hectic world. Dan Gentry and his acclaimed programs help create a culture of maximizing performance in a way that enhances Life Balance. Leaders get fired up and focused. Teams improve their execution and cohesion. Employees rocket to peak performance and fulfillment.

  • The three keys to stop burnout and reduce stress while accomplishing even more
  • How to escape that ever present ‘black hole’ of work that wants to suck your life away
  • How to really connect (or reconnect) with your family and friends to create a life you want to have
  • A simple and repeatable system you can follow even if you have tried before and failed


Dan delivers experiences people will feel and remember. Are you ready for something amazing?


Every Presentation Includes:

  • Personalized and fine tuned content
  • Unforgettable, humorous delivery
  • A powerful call to action
  • Guaranteed results
  • An exciting, thought-provoking experience!

Popular Topic Areas:

  • Preventing Burnout
  • Successful Life Balance
  • Remote Team Cohesion
  • Legacy based Goal Setting


 Dan’s keynotes can be tailored for audiences in both the public and private sector, including government, education, and enterprise organizations.
 National Speakers Association Member