Introduction to the Life Triad

The Life TriadLife Triad With Labels

The Life Triad is a system designed by Dan Gentry that allows everything to be broken down into manageable pieces. For most people our brains work like this: one, two, three, many. Keeping more than three things in our mind at once becomes confusing and is hard to stay focused on. When it comes to self-improvement, lack of focus or confusion  leads invariably to loss of momentum, or outright failure. Our system has simplicity and clarity at its core. Over the years Dan has honed the Life Triad system into a sharp tool for personal and business use.

The Life Triad is an extension of Dan’s core concept of the Atomic Triad (upcoming post soon) applied to creating Life to the Power of Three (Life³).  Let’s break the Life Triad down into its component parts.


The Foundation of the Life triad is Life Balance. Once we can get our lives into balance, then we can really start building a life that takes us out of the daily grind, or at least makes our daily routines less “grind” and more “groove”. Without balance our lives are virtually impossible to control. We need to have a conscious and focused approach to our lives in order to achieve any level of greatness.


The Framework of the Life Triad is The Life Map. It is about planning your life and having a destination in mind.  Don’t just wander aimlessly hoping things will get better.  You have to have a plan for your life and know where you want and do not want to go.


The Manifestation of the Life Triad is Life Legacy. It is the ultimate purpose for your life. It is the real final Destination your Life Map is bringing you to.  What will you be remembered for when you are gone?  Will this world be a better place because you were here? That is the essence of your Life Legacy.

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