The Success Formula Spelled Out

Are you searching for the Ultimate Success Formula? You have found it at long last!

Warning! I am a math geek! I love formulas and scientific notations. You do not need to like or understand math for this to make sense to you!  Enjoy!

The Making a Living Formula

Making a Living Formula
Making a Living Formula

For most people, they work to make a living, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I was there for a good portion of my life. We work, we get paid, and we pay our bills. We have made a living.   I, in no way, mean to demean this level of life. It is what the majority of people have and are content with. And that is perfectly fine if it makes you happy and content.

This post, our core message, heck our whole company is for those few individuals that wish for more than existence. Those that strive for more. People that want their lives to expand and grow. That wish for more opportunities to serve others, and have some of the nicer things that success brings. Individuals that are wanting to progress to LIFE³!

The Progressing Formula

Progressing Formula
Progressing Formula

For many years, I wanted more, but didn’t know exactly what I needed to do. So I read books, bought audio programs, and went to many seminars and it helped. I knew how to set goals. Knew the things I should do to get ahead. And I did them. Occasionally… Sporadically… I would read a good book, or listen to an audio and get excited. Deciding that now was finally the time to get my life to the level I had always wanted.

Then the excitement would fade. My grand goals and dreams slowly faded from the forefront of my mind as new distractions and challenges arose. I have heard it called the New Year’s Resolution Syndrome. We plan for a better life, and we have some tools to help guide us, but we still don’t reach the “breakthrough” to success.  My life was better and I had progressed, but I was nowhere near LIFE³.

I know you want your life to be better too! Let’s move on to the secret sauce.

The Success Formula

The Success Formula
The Success Formula

So, what is the secret variable for the Success formula? What takes life to the Power of Three? When you have your System and Work kept focused by Accountability! Accountability takes all your hard work and the systems you have built and multiplies them! It keeps your efforts laser focused. So how do you implement Accountability in your life?

You need a coach.

When you have someone in your corner, rooting for you to succeed, your chances of success rise exponentially. Having someone there to keep you honest by asking the tough questions that you may be avoiding is invaluable. A neutral sounding board for ideas and insights gives you freedom to explore previously unexplored possibilities. You need to have someone that knows your goals, that has seen your Life Map. and will know when you are getting off track.

My life took a major turn in the right direction when I finally found a coach and mentor plus a peer group of like minded people that were just as focused on success as I was. Making the decision to get a coach altered my outlook, and serendipitous events started happening. Life has never been the same, and I am never going back!

Third Power Performance offers coaching opportunities for you, and a community of like-minded people all headed for greater success. But please, if you don’t work with us, find someone to work with that will be diligent, and keep you following your Life Map.

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