Third Power Performance featured in CEP Partner Connections Magazine!

We are very excited to be featured in the April 2017 issue of the Ocala CEP Partner Connections Magazine!

April 2017 Issue - CEP Partner Magazine

Very excited to be featured and very happy to be working with the Ocala CEP to bring true transformation to people’s lives!

To read the whole article, here is a link to the whole magazine, our article is in the middle of the document.

Introduction to the Life Balance Triad

The Life Balance TriadLife Balance Triad

The Foundation of the Life Triad is Life Balance Triad.  This is the basis for all our endeavors. We can never achieve any permanent level of greatness or success without having the solid foundation that Life Balance will bring to our lives.

Let’s break the Life Balance Triad down into its component parts.

Life Balance Triad - Self Mastery HighlightedFoundation – Self Mastery

The Foundation of the Life Balance Triad is Self Mastery. To achieve anything, we must first master ourselves. No goals or dreams can ever come true without the foundation of our own lives being strong. We need to have a philosophical base for our goals, we need the knowledge of how to get what we want, and the physical stamina to keep working towards those ends. If any of those items are lacking, we will have ourselves a lesson in frustration. These are the parts of the Self Mastery Vertex. Spiritual, Mental, and Physical

Life Balance Triad - Interpersonal HighlightedFramework – Interpersonal

The Framework of the Life Balance Triad is Interpersonal, i.e. your relationships. For me, this is the most important part of the Life Balance triad because this is where the true meaning of your life comes from. For most people the true legacy of their lives comes from here. The parts of Interpersonal are: Family, Friends, and Others (philanthropy).

Life Balance Triad - Material Prosperity HighlightedManifestation – Material Prosperity

The Manifestation of the Life Balance Triad is Material Prosperity. This is our money and our stuff. It’s all about how our money comes in, what we do with it. The parts of the Material Prosperity triad are: Finances (budget, financial statements, etc), Income (our job or business), and Expenses (what we spend our money on).